Suspected thief freezes in front of a house he tried to rob (video)

A video which surfaced on social media captures a strange scene which left residents baffled as to the cause.

A man stood at the door of someone else’s house and stood there for hours, without moving or uttering a word.

Interestingly a netizen claiming to be an eyewitness said the person tried to steal from the house in the owner’s absence, but he did not know it belongs to a native doctor.

chocol8quin said; “Yes o, I was there live an direct. He wanted to go and steal, he didn’t know the house belongs to native doctor. Na d jazz hold am there.”

The community members who trooped out upon hearing of the man’s weird action did not make any attempt to approach or interact with him.

They instead chose to film the scene and chatter amongst themselves about what led to him standing there motionlessly.

Social media users shared different thoughts about the incident, while some said it could be as a result of drugs, others opined that he may have had a seizure or something related.

Watch the video below:

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