Top 3 Reasons Why Every Ghanaian Student Should Have A LinkedIn Account

Top 3 Reasons Why Every Ghanaian Student Should Have A LinkedIn Account

Top 3 reasons why every student in Ghana should have a LinkedIn account. Getting a job after graduation is the wish of every Ghanaian student. But it’s no secret that most graduates are now unemployed. Those who are lucky enough to find a job are paid below average or as little as a teaspoon.

A large number of students at various universities makes it difficult for employers to find who their companies can and cannot hire. After all, students with LinkedIn accounts have an advantage over others. The first thing you need to do is create a LinkedIn account and create your profile.

Why Every Student In Ghana Must Create A LinkedIn Account

As a student, a LinkedIn account has some additional benefits. Below are some of the reasons why every Ghanaian student should create her LinkedIn account.

To build a strong system of connections

Being good at any profession is the greatest amount of people you know, about everything you know. Switch to the business you need to add at that time.

Who knows when an association will come in handy? The bigger the system, the more likely it is that you will be pointed to a particular occupation. Connections range from families to church members. Companies are usually looking for people with high-profile connections. This could be someone close to you or someone at your university.

To send job alerts

LinkedIn is for finding jobs, but it’s also incredibly valuable for finding your next job. LinkedIn is especially useful for college students.

You can program LinkedIn to send you employment alerts for specific organizations, companies, or explicit employment titles, so you’ll never miss an implausible open door.

These notifications will be sent to your email address. This could put him one step ahead of other friends who may not have a LinkedIn account at the time.

Let organizations/businesses find you

Today, as soon as you have a better understanding, your next business will definitely attract you to online searches. Students regularly receive negative criticism for their proximity to web-based media. So if you have a LinkedIn account as a student, you are showing yourself from a more knowledgeable and professional side.

A LinkedIn account makes it easier for businesses to find you and, more importantly, find the information they need. So use professional language and list all your qualifications and awards.

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