Top 4 Blogs promoting Africa

Top 4 Blogs promoting Africa

For centuries, the narrative about Africa has always been negative. In movies, the country was portrayed as a refuse dump. To the youth, it was a place they couldn’t wait to get away from. Africa has been and still is being denied a recognition worth its pride.

Changemakers have tried to change the narrative. Did it work? Yes, but in a small, almost unnoticeable way.

Today, bloggers and influencers who control a large part of the mass media are trying to change the narrative altogether and put Africa out there in the good books of the world.

In this article, we take a look at the top 4  blogs promoting Africa and how well they are doing this job.

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Go2Africa is one of the leading African blogs promoting the continent. It is a travel blog promoting the beautiful sceneries in Africa. The blog brags mostly about knowing Africa more than anyone else.

And truly, they show that in their contents.

Do you want to tour Africa yet confused about where to go? Are you researching the top African Safari destinations and you just can’t decide? is your solution then.

The team at Go2africa tours the African continent looking for the best locations for gorilla tours, best places to visit in a safari, travelers sharing experiences on their trips, top hotels to lodge at, and most importantly, covid-19 protocols for African charter airlines.

They provide first-hand information and tip for anyone attempting to visit Africa either for fun or tourism. They are one of the top 4 blogs promoting Africa through tourism.

  1. Africa Times

Africa Times is a blog devoted to adding an African spice to every carefully made out content. They also aim to educate the public on authentic news and analysis of Africa.

The vision of Africa Times is to be an independent corresponding online news portal for Subsaharan Africa.

Their main aim is to empower all African voices through publishing content created by people from different backgrounds and ethnicities and better still, from different academics.

They categorize their content in finances and economics, leaders and companies, energy and commodities, politics, fashion and design, and so much more.

To sum it all, this blog is mainly for the young voices in Africa.

  1. Africa Blogging

Africa Blogging, just as the name depicts, publishes the latest articles, trending topics, audios, and videos that raise debates on the authenticity of Subsaharan Africa and promotes its democratic culture and traditions.

For six years, a feature of the plurality of voices came together to form an international blogging platform that would raise concerns on politics, gender equality, economics, and health and social matters in Sub-Saharan Africa.

With adequate support from a German non-profit organization called KAS Media Africa aiming to promote free and independent media on the African continent, Africa Blogging has persistently become one of the top 4 blogs promoting Africa.

Their loyal audience loves listening to Africa Blogging’s carefully made podcasts to start their day.

  1. Webnation Africa

Webnation Africa upon its launch has quickly become every reader’s top destination to discover and share content duly concentrated on Africa.

The main aim of WebnationsAfrica is to promote African culture and traditions, share the rich African history with the world, fun facts about Africa, and also promote tourism.

This they have done by producing thoroughly-researched content on African countries, what makes them thick and what the other people have failed to see in these countries.

Webnation Africa is made up of a team of young and vibrant African youth trying to change the narrative about Africa, by publishing only positive African content that promotes the continent to the world.

Interestingly, they have launched their Android and IOS applications so their readers can easily connect with them.

At WebnationAfrica, it’s not just about showcasing Africa. It is about uncovering the positive side of the continent that has been kept covered for centuries.

This is definitely number one on the list of top 4 blogs promoting Africa.


It is highly appreciated that these top 5 blogs promoting Africa, rather than seeing an impediment to growth, took advantage of the continent’s rich cultural diversity to change the narrative of the bad perceptions about Africa.

In the quest for economic development in Africa, these top platforms are striving to draw more attention to how best African natural resources can be utilized and the beautiful tourist destinations on the continent.

Most importantly, they are striving to change the people’s mindsets towards work and development for a better Africa.

In years to come, the change that will be seen about Africa will be because these top 5 blogs and others have spoken up.

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