Video of Dad teaching his 11-year-old son how to drive a semi truck causes stir

Video of Dad teaching his 11-year-old son how to drive a semi truck causes stir

A resurfaced video clip taken several years back of a dad teaching his son how to drive his semi-truck is going viral , and, of course, people were quick to weigh in on Twitter.

In the 25-second clip, the dad, who has not been identified, is believed to be sitting on the passenger side while his son is fully concentrated on maneuvering the truck and even manages to turn the vehicle to enter another road ahead of him.

The young boy must have already had a few lessons judging by how confident he appears because most 11-year-olds would probably panic at the thought of driving a truck, let alone a car of a smaller size.

Twitter users are up in arms about the video, with some calling the dad irresponsible for allowing his son to get behind the steering wheel, saying the boy should “stay in a child’s place,” while others commended the dad considering how well the minor was driving.
“This isn’t abnormal for kids to learn how to drive (or shoot) in rural areas,” one user said.

“At my previous agency, I met college kids who learned how to drive at a young age starting with tractors and then cars.” But another person had an opposite opinion, writing,

“I’m curious as to how the father will approve his logs….regardless of skin color what he is doing is illegal.

Do you think the father was out of line for having his son drive his truck? Kindly comment below

Watch the video below:


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