“Whoever goes to Badu Kobi’s church lacks common sense” – Avraham Ben Moshe (Video)

The leader and founder of the Common Sense Family, Avraham Ben Moshe has tagged anyone who attends Prophet Badu Kobi’s church as ‘senseless’.

Speaking in an interview with Yaa Yeboah on Bryt TV, Avraham Ben Moshe blasted men of God who live a lavish lifestyle but advise church members to give out money to them so that they can enjoy in Heaven.

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He could not fathom why pastors give their members calenders, oil, posters for spiritual protection against evil spirits but the same pastors have personal bodyguards and dogs to protect them.

He described anyone who attends Badu Kobi’s church as senseless because he is a fake pastor.

He quoted a Bible verse that proves that Badu Kobi is not from God.

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He disclosed that any pastor who gives false prophecies according to the old Bible must be killed because he is not from God.

Avraham Ben Moshe’s statement comes at the back of Prophet Badu Kobi’s failed football predictions on Copa America and Euro 2020.

Watch the video below:


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