“Jessica we are live” -TV host says as co-host embarrassed her during live telecast (Video)

Jessica is currently trending number 1 on Twitter and many have wondered why.

Jessica is a news broadcast on Namibian Television who became hostile towards her female co-host on live telecast.

Jessica is trending on Twitter due to the actions of the Namibian sports presenter on live TV.

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During a broadcast, NBC News Live, an evening news programme in the country, the news anchor turns to Jessica, then attempts to engage her in some sports banter, ahead of her bulletin.

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However, Jessica was not having it and she let her colleague know.

“No, you’re not going to do that. You’re just going to greet me and say, ‘Take it away.’ You’re not going to do that,” Jessica said.

“Jessica we are live,” the news anchor told her.

This was then followed by a few seconds of on-air silence before the video ends.

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Watch the video below:


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