Why men want sex from women before helping them-Blessing Okoro Explains (Video)

Nigerian relationship therapist and Youtuber, Blessing Okoro who is widely known as BlessingCEO has revealed why men always want sex before they help women.

According to Blessing Okoro, there is no free ‘lunch’ in the world as life is about ‘give and take’.

She further disclosed that ladies should have at the back of their minds that men will always want something from them before they help them so they should be prepared for it.

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Blessing Okoro noted that ‘people always use you when you have nothing to give them back.’

She reiterated that women who have nothing to give men after helping them will keep warming the beds of men because it’s the easiest thing they can offer.

She advised that women should have the power to say no when men request sex from them because that is what will make them valuable.

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“If you cannot give them your body they will still look for something to collect from you. Life is trade by barter. Even God did not give you this life for free, You still have to account to God the day you die. Not to talk more of human beings. Nothing is free in this life so shine your eyes, develop yourself, work on yourself so that when they tell you I want to sleep with you you tell them NO!” Blessing Okoro said in the self-made video sighted by www.browngh.com.

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Watch the video below:



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