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Wife forces side-chick to mop after catching her red-handed with husband (PHOTO)

A furious wife has reportedly made her husband’s mistress to do house chores after she caught them on bed.

Multiple reports have it that, the above mentioned happened in Pretoria, Tshwane, South Africa over the weekend and the video is trending after it was first shared on social media.

Eyewitnesses claim the wife forced the side-chick to say on camera that she’s a homewrecker who sleeps around with married men who have kids.

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She was then given a bucket full of water and a rag to mop the floor. She was also asked to wash the blanket which she and the woman’s husband slept on.

“…You want to be the woman of this house? Then do the chores as a wife. I want these blankets clean,” the wife allegedly said to her rival in the video.

See picture of the side-chick mopping the floor below

The side-chick under punishment

Source : Browngh.com

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