NDC & NPP are all bogus-Kennedy Agyapong

Hon Kennedy Agyapong has comically stated that he would have been dead by now if witches truly exist.

According to him, he has on several occasions heard that there are people who are called family witches that makes life of their family members poor and miserable but he doesn’t bow to such philosophy because witches do not exist.

In the opinion of the Assin Central’s MP, he only believes in the supreme being, giving an example that the spirit of a human trip to places when they are asleep and that depicts that there’s a supreme deity somewhere.

Kennedy Agyapong opined that the God he knows and serves will not allow anything bad to happen to him talk more of allowing his hard work to be in vain.

Kennedy Agyapong said:

There is no witch anywhere; when you fail in life and you attribute it to your mother, father but when you were smoking jar, was your grandmother there. When you were stealing from your boss, were they there?”.

“If there were witches, I would have been dead by now because I run my mouth.
“When I go to bed I don’t know where my spirit goes but I know there’s a superior being and he is God, who will not make anyone toil in vain.”


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