Woman says Uber driver took her back home after she asked for music to be turned down

Woman says Uber driver took her back home after she asked for music to be turned down.

In a video with over 331,000 views, TikToker Marleville (@marleville) said she ordered an early morning pickup on Uber so that she could get to the airport. She added that she requested a “quiet trip,” which Uber says is a trip “without any music or conversation” from the driver.

When the driver arrived, the car was anything but quiet, with loud music blaring as they drove. Marleville said that she then politely asked the driver to turn down the music. She explained that he turned it down “like one click.”

After about ten minutes of driving with loud music, Marleville asked if he could just turn the music off for the duration of the ride. Instead of turning the music down, the driver gave her a surprising response.

“He said, ‘I’m just going to take you home,’ and turned all the way back around,” Marleville said.

@marleville Terrible Uber driver! #uber #quietrider #stranded #worstuber ♬ original sound – marleville

In a follow-up video, Marleville clarified that the driver did not know her address upon deciding to return her home, asking her to provide it.

“I had to give him my address, which is now a safety concern for me,” she said in the clip.

@marleville Worst Uber ride I’ve ever had! #uber #quietride #angrydriver #loudmusic ♬ original sound – marleville

Marleville said that she was able to find a new driver and a different flight so that she could still make it to her destination.

“I was confused & honestly concerned bc his reaction was so disproportionate,” she wrote in a comment. “[I] Called my mom to stay on w/me to make sure I was safe.”

She continued, “I try to keep things in perspective. I was confused but not angry. Luckily I had other options available to me. I hope he was kinder to his next rider.”

Many commenters were supportive of Marleville, including several Uber drivers.



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