Your prayers go waste if you say amen after praying — Prophet Ajagurajah

Jesus Christ wasn’t crucified, he was switched – Ajagurajah reveals 

Prophet Ajagurajah of Universal Outreach Church has advised Christians to stop saying amen after praying to their creator.

While having a chit-chat with King Kaninjah on Angel TV monitor by he said amen does not mean ‘so shall it be’ as Christians are made to believe.

According to him, Amen is a name of a powerful demon in Egypt which was worshipped in those days in ancient Egypt.

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He explained that because ancient believed the demon and worshipped him, they mentioned his name at the end of every promising conversation they had and the idea was adopted by the bible scholars.

Ajagurajah, therefore, advised that Christians shouldn’t mention that demon’s name because he is not their god.

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